On September 1st, 2013, we created 4 murals in Washington DC as a part of the Heineken Mural Project. Unfortunately, on September 1st, 2014, the Marvin Gaye Mural @ 7th and S Street NW was covered by the construction of a new home. With the support of Shaw Main Streets Executive Director Alexander M. Padro, and donations from local residents and business owners, we were able to produce a NEW Marvin Gaye mural directly across the street from the OLD one just in time for Art All Night 2014

Captured by 1st Impressions Photographer Orli Arias - @Orli1st

Our mission @InnerCityHues is to inspire! We built this organic platform for the public to interact and to integrate into each and every mural  project that we produce; seeing each piece of art from its inception phase to the final product as we have seen with the NEW Marvin Gaye Mural. With your support, we can create murals in each and every neighborhood in Washington DC; later expanding regionally and nationally.